Why Worship Will Transform Your Christmas Day

Why Worship Will Transform Your Christmas Day

by Miles Bennett, Ministry Team Leader (Kids & Youth)

One of the greatest gifts God has given to his people is music. In the midst of a broken world in deep suffering and great need, we sing. As we do, we enter into perhaps the most vivid expression of emotional power.

God has chosen to relate to his people through story, through drama. The gospel itself is a story about the dramatic way in which God saw a people desperately in need and rescued them. “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, until he appeared and the soul felt its worth…chains shall he break, for the slave is our brother, and in his name all oppression shall cease…” – These are the words of story, the way in which God has chosen to relate with his children. Music thrives on story, giving it life and emotional power, and prompting us to respond and live out those transformative words in our lives.

As Mark Labberton writes in his book, The Dangerous Act of Worship, “Music has the power to reawaken our voice, ignite our righteous anger, interpret our conviction, and strengthen our resolve,” and nothing declares the Lord’s dramatic entrance to our world at Christmas more powerfully than this gift of music.

(On Christmas Day 2016 your Abundant Grace Worship Team has put together a wonderful free gift for you and your family to enter into a time of worship if you are able to attend the 3pm Christmas Day Service… Merry Christmas!!!)