Worship Night Recap

Worship Night Recap

by Jen Zalick, Worship and Creative Director

Worship is a RESPONSE to God’s revelation.

Moses saw just some of God’s glory and fell on his face in worship (Exod 34:8).

John saw the risen Jesus in blazing glory and fell flat at his feet as though dead (Rev 1:17).

Isaiah saw the Lord seated high on his glorious throne, surrounded by angels chanting holy, holy, holy!  He cried out before being cleansed by God and then sent out on mission (Isaiah 6)

A few times per year, Abundant Grace invites everyone together to focus deeply on worship.  We sing, we dance, we create and we pray.

The evening began vibrantly in energetic praise with persons from Youth, University & our Adult Worship Bands.  The Creative Team shared a video piece on why we need prayer and Bruno Dorig, Restore Prayer/Elder transitioned into a powerful reflection, which was focused on passionate worship.

During the evening many took advantage of the creative stations, which were placed, around the room for the community to explore worship through visual art as well as the prayer corner where pastors and prayer ministers came alongside willing hearts in prayer.  Following a wonderful testimony of Gods generosity by Elder Arun Prabhu the auditorium erupted with dancing in the aisles.  It was a wonderful evening that has yielded powerful testimonies of refreshment, release and a hunger for more.

Did you miss it?

No worries, we are scheduling another Worship Night in April!