Why I Regret Not Joining a Life Group Earlier

Why I Regret Not Joining a Life Group Earlier

By Patricia Chikukwa

I am a small town girl from Marondera, Zimbabwe. I have been in China for the past five years as a student. I never got involved in a small group community until quite recently. But over the last few months my new Life Group totally changed my life.

At Life Group we share the Word of God. Its not just receiving the Word, but its more about bring and share. I love this because at Disney/Students Life Group we are almost the same age and going through similar life experiences. We help each other as we go through the Bible, highlighting what has helped us push through different circumstances and we also spend time encouraging each other in Christ.

Living in China as a foreigner can be overwhelming, but fellowshipping with people has made the journey worth it. At Life Group I got to meet new people, but more than that they have become family and I know that when I am downtrodden I have a support system. When I am celebrating I do not rejoice alone, as I have cheerleaders people who have praying for me and giving me encouragement.

By joining my Life Group I have gotten to learn more than only doing a Bible Study. For example, we go monthly to Shanghai Disneyland to spread love to the employees of Disney who have been working all day through an activity we do called Uncommon Love, where we look for intentional ways to encourage and uplift these individuals. I’m definitely going to spread this idea to Zimbabwe when I go back home. I love the food we share before we start studying the Bible, plus I get to learn new recipes! At Life Group we also share China ‘life hacks’ (websites, mobile apps, shops, etc.) and if anything is coming up at church we get to be the first ones to know and offer help or any services we can provide one another. Its just a great package. I love my Life Group.