What's Next, Pastor Nate?

What’s Next, Pastor Nate?

Maybe you are wondering “What’s next for Pastor Nate and Chris?”
To answer some of the questions that are running through our minds, I sat down with Pastor Nate to investigate.

How are you spending your last weeks in Shanghai?

“I will be continuing to work up until the time we leave and will be working along side our new pastor, Pastor Rick. As usual since this is a transition time, we will also say goodbye to friends and welcoming new ones. What is different is that we are enjoying a lot more meals than usual”

When exactly do you leave?

“We fly out of Shanghai June 2.”

Where are you going to live?

“Our first stop is in Denver, Colorado/USA, where I’ll be doing a wedding for a friend. Then we go to the East Coast where we’ll be exploring options for our permanent home. After 25 years in Greater China, we’re not quite sure where we’ll put down roots. But we do want to be rooted, even as we continue to work as Global Disciples, doing what Jesus is doing, each of us, every day, everywhere.”

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 3 years?

“We don’t have a three year plan. We’re changing pace, and part of that change of pace means no 3-year or 5-year plans. We have a desire to do projects rather than programs and we are open to travelling. In this new phase of their life we expect to be mentoring and coaching individuals rather than being up-front leaders. Whatever we do, we are open to the Spirit for direction.”

What area of ministry do you plan to go into next?

“AGIF has equipped us as Global Disciples. But we don’t know where the Lord is taking us. We feel a bit like Abraham & Sarah, going to a place God will show us, without knowing where that is. But we’re always ready for another adventure, in step with the Spirit.”

Do you think you will start or pastor another church?

[Laughing] “Never say, never. I’m looking forward to a change, and don’t expect to be starting or pastoring a church. But if God would make it clear to both of us, then I hope we wouldn’t, like Jonah, head for Spain. Who wants to be swallowed by a fish?”

What is one thing you really want to do before you leave AGIF/China?

“I want to let people know publically and privately that we love, care, and pray for the people of Abundant Grace and for the churches continued growth and development. Our lives have been greatly blessed and the best is yet to come for Abundant Grace and for The Showalter family”

And finally, yes… they will be back… to visit.



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