Volunteer Spotlight: Vivian Wang

Volunteer Spotlight: Vivian Wang

We are pleased to shine the spotlight on Vivian Wang, a volunteer youth leader at AGIF.

One of the ways Abundant Grace teaches and encourages our teenagers in their Christian faith is through ‘Waypoints’. Waypoints are small groups of either teen girls or teen boys who meet weekly in homes to connect with one another, have fun (often including food) learn something about God through teaching, and join in prayer together.

Vivian explains how serving in this ministry has impacted her own faith and that of her family.

‘Through serving in this ministry God has taught me to show love. I have learned that we don’t have to be perfect for God to use us in impactful ways. When I started volunteering, it was alongside my friend (who has since left Shanghai), and in this way God showed me you can start small but He will show you where to go next. My natural feeling is that I am not good enough for God to use me, but God showed he me is enough and always gives me what I need.

“I admire the teenage girls in my waypoint who choose to set aside time in their busy week to be with God and to encourage their fellow sisters. By sharing their prayer requests and their questions, they can help each other grow in their faith.

“While serving in Abundant Grace Youth, I have watched my entire family draw closer to God. I worried that volunteering would take me away from them, but it’s brought us closer together. Following my example, my high school daughter recently started volunteering within the Worship and Creative ministry; something I never imagined she would do but pleases me a lot. When we serve in a team we connect with God but also with other people who encourage us and pray for us.

“I would encourage anyone to take the courage to step out and volunteer at church in some way. When I feel worried about my ministry, I remember Philippians 4:6 ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and thanksgiving present, your requests to God.’ When we tell our worries to God he gives us peace and everything else we need. “