Volunteer of the Week—Janett & Marla

Volunteer of the Week—Janett & Marla

Janett and Marla have been quietly serving behind the scenes over the summer holidays. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed. They were a great blessing to Abundant Grace for serving faithfully. We greatly appreciate their creative skills. We know that the adventure is really just beginning but thank you for stepping up so early to start us strong.

Janett is always a sweet, prayerful influence and determined volunteer to Abundant Grace. She served almost over the entire summer break without ceasing. She also served in other ministries together with her husband.

Marla stepped up so quickly with great zeal and passion to be a volunteer in Women of Joy Ministry. Despite having smaller children, she has also sacrificed to serve during the holidays.

I just love doing things, serving God and His people. I also enjoy being involved and connecting with other people. I realised that we get massive blessings in serving at Church. It is such a great joy to serve at Abundant Grace. I encourage everyone to extend God’s kingdom in Shanghai through serving in any Ministry at Abundant Grace.—Janett