The Bible. The most popular, most read and loved book in the world and has been for centuries. No book has been translated into as many languages or been more widely distributed.

It claims to be not just wise words of men but the very words of Almighty God! Only that can adequately explain its unique power and attraction.

With respect to unity – our current theme at Abundant Grace – the unity of the Bible is unparalleled.

The 66 books that make up the Bible were written over a period of 1600 years. Nevertheless, no book contradicts another. Just compare books written over a 1600 year span in any other field – medicine, agriculture, chemistry, botany – and see what agreement you find.

The authors, more than 40 of them, not only lived at different times but came from different vocations. They were prophets, priests, farmers, fishermen, shepherds, a medical doctor, government tax collector, radical politician, historians and poets. They did not collaborate with one another. Yet amazingly, we find no disharmony of message!

This means that no matter where you randomly open this book, you will read about the same God, the same understanding of human nature, the same standard of right and wrong, and the same teaching about how to live well and how to be forgiven and attain eternal life.

The only suitable explanation for this stand-alone unity is that one and the same God inhabited the wide variety of biblical authors in such a way that their writings express the same divine truth.

However, what is most remarkable is that this unity contains tremendous variation within its boundaries. Each author of the Bible retains his own personality and style of writing. Although guided by one Spirit, each writer had full freedom of expression resulting in the Bible resembling a many voiced choir. After reading the Bible nearly every day for over 45 years, I have never tired of its music!

With love in Jesus,

Pastor Rick