UNI Got Talent!

UNI Got Talent!


Our awesome God created everyone with unique abilities to serve one another and to magnify the glory of His generosity and creativity. Sometimes we are not even aware of the gifts that we were given until we take the opportunity to discover, exercise and develop them within our selves and to take notice to what God is developing in those around us.

Uni Got Talent was an event that did just that and—Oh, what a night!

Last Saturday, the university student community was in full bloom despite the torrential rains. The talent competition was packed with contemplative thinkers, compelling poets, musicians, dancers and vocalists. Diverse and vibrant, one immediately feels a sense of belonging and infectious joy when hanging out with the group.

Before the competition winners were announced, Ps. Esme recognized those who had lead in various capacities throughout the school year as well as those who would be leaving this summer. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying delicious desserts, exchanging contact numbers and making memories.

There is no doubt that this community is very special. I highly recommend, if you are on your way to Shanghai to attend university or if you are already here but just not connected to a community yet—definitely do yourself a favor and check us out.