Theologs – Who ARE They?

Theologs – Who ARE They?

Who or What is Theologs?
Theologs is a diverse and vibrant small group that isn’t shy to talk about the “big topics”. “Christianity and Politics?” they’ve done that. “Where are the Signs, Wonders, and Greater Works?”, “Apologetics and its usefulness?”; they’ve done those too.


What’s their format?
Knowledge without application is fairly useless. Therefore the current format is such that for each topic members do their own research and are free to use which ever resource they are comfortable with: The Bible, statistics, Theology books, articles, the internet, experience. They then discuss the viewpoints of the subject and conclude with an application segment.


Who is welcome?
Anyone open to a thorough and possibly view altering discussion is welcome.


You’re welcome:

– Whether you use every theological book in existence or whether you only use the Bible and couldn’t tell Calvinism from Arminianism.
– Whether you’re a new believer or the senior pastor of a church.
– Whether you attend Abundant Grace or not.
– If you’re willing to learn.


Upcoming topics are:

Church Government Part 1: What makes a person a leader? What’s God’s structure for His church?
Church Government Part 2: Healthy spiritual leadership, Abuse of authority, Authority vs Humility
Spiritual Gifts:  Biases toward or against select gifts in the Church
Relationships Part 1: Cohabitation, What do Christian relationship borders look like?
Relationships Part 2: Singles vs Married: positions in the church


Meeting Place:
Theologs is currently meeting at the Hub.
To be connected with Theologs, please email