Sermon Companion Spiritual Gifts

Sermon Companion Spiritual Gifts

What is Your God-Given Mission?

Dear Family of God,

If you are seeking for more guidance regarding your specific mission in life after my sermon of February 11, I offer you this tool for self-evaluation. When trying to discover your place of service in the Kingdom of God, all of the following things (and more) should be taken into account. Once you have completed this self-assessment, you should show it to a couple other people who know you well and see if they think it is an accurate representation of who you are. You can also set up an appointment with a pastor for more input and counsel.

Pastor Rick


  1. 1. Spiritual Gifts Self-Assessment
    Mark all the following gifts that you think you have or might have.
  • Administration
    Can organize people and projects to achieve clearly defined goals
  • Discernment
    Can recognize truth or error in a person, book, sermon, etc
  • Teaching/Knowledge
    Love to study the Bible. Able to teach sound doctrine in ways that are clear, relevant to life and inspiring
  • Giving
    Joyful in giving sacrificially to those in need, to support God’s work, often beyond the tithe
  • Encouragement/counseling
    See the best in others, point out the possibilities and empower people to become better
  • Evangelism
    Has unusual love for lost people and has habit of looking for ways to introduce people to Jesus
  • Mercy
    Has compassion for those who suffer physically, emotionally and mentally and gladly serves them
  • Faith
    A person of prayer and with great confidence in God’s ability to overcome obstacles
  • Helping
    Love to serve in any way ‘behind the scenes;’ love being in the background serving quietly
  • Hospitality
    Delight in warmly welcoming people into their home and providing shelter, food, fellowship and provisions.
  • Music
    Has ability to skillfully sing, play instruments or write music for the glory of God and the edification of God’s people
  • Leadership
    Has ability to envision great works for God and can inspire others to catch that vision and work toward its achievement
  • Prophecy/Preaching
    Has ability to publicly proclaim God’s truth in ways that powerfully impact people’s lives bringing conviction, comfort, repentance, and hope


  1. 2. What are the causes you care deeply about?
    What causes capture your attention and make you want to get involved? Which of the following social issues upset you or anger you or inspire you to do something to make a difference?
  •             Abortion
  •             Domestic violence
  •             Addictive Behaviors
  •             Alcoholism
  •             Children’s education and well-being
  •             Good Parenting
  •             Helping the handicapped
  •             Divorce recovery
  •             Financial stewardship
  •             Persecuted believers
  •             Orphans/adoption
  •             Care of the sick
  •             Care for the elderly
  •             Poverty/Homelessness
  •             Sex-trafficking
  •             Slavery
  •             Politics
  •             Prisoners
  •             Youth
  •             Social Justice


  1. 3. What are the things you love to do?
    Which of the following things do you enjoy doing?
  • Analyze
  • Coach a sports team
  • Build things with your hands
  • Work with numbers
  • Decorate
  • Cook
  • Sing or make music
  • Counsel
  • Drama/acting/directing
  • Landscape/gardening
  • Learn
  • Design/create
  • Organize/plan things
  • Lead
  • Mentor someone
  • Improve something
  • High tech work
  • Motivate people
  • Repair
  • Operate machines
  • Negotiate
  • Promote/market/publicity
  • Mission work
  • Write/Edit
  • Hospitality
  • Research
  • Pioneer new frontiers
  1. 4. What are the experiences that have shaped your life?
    Think of both positive events and negative or painful ones. Think of meaningful achievements in the following categories as well as painful disappointments. Looking back over your life, what gives you the most satisfaction and what gives the most regret? Failures and successes. Victories and defeats. God uses all of our life experiences to shape our souls and prepare us to do what only we can do.
  • Personally/Relationally
    Parents, family, marriage, friends
  • Educationally
  • Vocationally
  • Spiritually


  1. 5. Experiment
    If you have great difficulty completing the self-evaluation above, you may just need more life experience. We often learn the most by doing. You might need to experiment by trying to do various things as a way of discovering who you are. Select something of interest and give it your best effort for several months. Then evaluate what happened with advice from someone who will give you an honest appraisal of how you did and what your aptitude is.By putting all of these assessments together you will get a better idea of what your God-given mission in life is.