Night of Worship & Baptism Recap

Night of Worship & Baptism Recap

— Waiting Here For You —

Pentecost. 50 Days after Easter, commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon those waiting in the upper room, the place where Jesus and the disciples would gather. It was by no coincidence the Worship Night & Baptism Night held on the anniversary of this incredible event.

The night was filled with worship in multiple forms. Music and prayer poured out among those in attendance. Some danced, jumped, shouted, wept and lifted up their faces to heaven in expectation. While others expressed the occasion in swirls of colour on canvas.

In the midst of incredible worship we paused to celebrate our new brothers and sisters who decided to take the next step in their walk with God. 17 individuals affirmed their acceptance of Jesus and commitment to walk with God and were baptised. There were a range of ages among the group, including children, evidencing that its never too early – or too late – to accept the call of God for our lives.

Before we transitioned back into worship, Elder Bruno Dörig contrasted the different kinds of baptisms: John’s baptism, which was one of repentance and Jesus’ baptism, which is with the Holy Spirit and fire (Mat. 3:11). He then spoke about how Jesus Himself was tempted in the wilderness. He encouraged the worshippers by acknowledging that, “We all have challenges and may not be able to understand things or have doubts. However there is a baptism in the Holy Spirit, where we get transformed – an upper room experience. We receive the river of life, the ever living water, so we will not be thirsty again – like the Samarian woman on the well with Jesus.”(John 4:14)

Near the end of the night Pastor Esmé reminded us about Jesus’ words to the disciples to not depart from Jerusalem but wait for “the Promise of the Father” – the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5) She challenged us not to start a business, ministry or anything on our own strength – but to wait for the Holy Spirit. Pastor Esmé then led a prayer of commitment for all who agreed to wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit in anything we do.

The night ended, as regrettably it must end. But the worship continues! As one of the artists wrote on her painting “Praise the LORD, all nations! Extol Him all peoples! For great is His steadfast love toward us and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD!” (Ps.117)

So lets continue to worship the LORD daily and be waiting with great expectation for the next worship night.


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