Nepal 2017

Nepal 2017


On the 2nd of October a team of 10 Abundant Grace members flew down to beautiful neighbouring Nepal to embark on a 7 day outreach trip.


The team was greeted by our very kind and gracious hosts, Bishwa and Ramila. While we were there, we were able to see the love and vision our hosts have for their people and support them in those endeavors.


During the course of our trip, we were able to visit a poor “untouchable” school and show God’s love by painting their classrooms and the playground donated by Abundant Grace, and through creating a very entertaining but wholly meaningful day of stories and games. By providing a hot meal and much-needed toiletries, we had the opportunity to minister to their physical needs. In turn, we were very blessed and humbled to be the recipients of a programme that the kids prepared to say, “thank you”, to us and all the Abundant Grace teams before us.


Part of our trip was designed to equip. So with that in mind: we invested in training teachers who will be sharing the gospel to the next generation, visited another school for an English Language programme, and fellowshipped and shared our testimonies at a Youth Meeting.


While the team was there, we were also able to have some fun! Besides indulging in the fantastic local food, most of the team took a short flight for a spectacular view of the world’s tallest mountain, Everest!


We concluded our trip by joining our Nepalese brothers and sisters in worship and sharing the gospel in two of the churches there.


As we go on these trips we leave a story behind, but a story also comes with us. For me, best part of the trip was to see the incredible switch in many of the kids from being nervous and apprehensive to going out with joy, laughter, waves, and a seed in their hearts. Hope you find your outreach story as well.