Lent Unplugged

Lent Unplugged

by Alfred Osei-Boakye, Adult Worship Team Leader

It’s Lent season again, a period where many Christians intentionally prepare for Easter, reflecting on the significance of the death of Christ and the immeasurable love and grace that represents.

During this time, we observe certain spiritual disciplines that edify and build us up such as fasting, prayer, repentance and meditation. As we fast and pray during time, many people give up a luxury for God.  As the Adult Worship Team Leader, I began to ask myself,  “What does this mean to the worship team?”

One late morning I was inspired to diverge from the usual patterns and to intentionally construct an acoustic musical worship set for the 3pm service that would intentionally reflect the scriptural passages that the pastoral team will use in their teaching during the season. Stripping down and simplifying represents the sacrifice of our musical proclivities and curbs our appetites for full on musical worship.

Playing unplugged is not the most favored style for keyboard player, like myself, who loves the dynamics of synth. Nor is it the preference for an electric guitarist with a sophisticated rig.  Nevertheless, giving them up is an important and effective way for us to fast.

As we do this we intentionally create a serene atmosphere for corporate musical worship where congregants on the same Lenten journey can continue to connect with God as they would in the privacy and quiet of their homes. We learn from Scripture that Jesus would often withdraw to a ‘quiet’ place to have fellowship with God and with his disciples (Luke 9:18).

1Kings 19 records a moment where God showed up in a ‘still small voice’, a place of quietness.  Upon reflecting on these scriptures encouraged me to lead the team on a Lenten journey and we’ve since received wonderful testimonies and great feedback. Last but not least, playing unplugged has allowed the Worship Team to explore our versatility and has challenged our musicianship in a new way.

To God be the Glory.