Global Friendships

Global Friendships

Last Friday eighty-four ladies filled out the Casilingo restaurant at the Marriot hotel. The guest speaker for the dinner was not a “guest” at all but Abundant Grace very own Christina Showalter now affectionately known by many as Mama Chris.

Chris’ spoke about the process that lead her and her husband to China. Being a cross-cultural couple they didn’t feel called to remain in the monocultural society around them. They were excited but the first few years were difficult and had them wondering: “Did we hear God correctly?” Through a series of confirmations they realized that they were here to stay, “though the mission was not easy, God is sovereign”. Chris encouraged us to “seize the day” and declared that we are “not here by accident” there is a “larger picture” and “we each have a role to play”. She admonished us to know our passions, gifts, and purpose for life because once we do; we can contribute to God’s kingdom.

Her three main points were to:

  1. Have a purpose in life
  2. Step out of your comfort zone
  3. Get involved & Treasure relationships.

She advised us to not get tired of people moving on because they will become “Global Friendships”. She then gave an encouraging message for singles to have a fulfilling life now.

“Marriage is not the only way to have a fruitful life. ”

Chris spoke about her and Pastor Nate’s marriage, noting that they were both almost forty when taking their vows and how they invested and sought counsel early on.

“In a garden without intentional care – weeds will grow”

One of the key features of the women’s ministry is prayer. The group prayed for and commissioned the women who will be repatriating this season as “Global Disciples”; which include this year’s women’s ministry leader Janett Dorig. Beautiful speeches were given by the Women’s Core Team and the night ended with a troop of 16 Hawaiian styled dressed women each armed with a Ukulele swooped in to preform Auld Lang Syne, a very appropriate song.

Should old acquaintance be forgotten? No, not when we’re commissioned as global disciples and global friends. So with hugs, photos and a beautiful handmade rose, we left that night knowing that we are bonded together in Christ who chose us to go and produce lasting fruit (John 15:16-17).

~ McKenzie

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