On weekends we meet in various celebrations of worship and fellowship—including services for youth and children. Each of these services is slightly different in environment and decibel level.

All our services focus on celebrating God, but each does it in a slightly different fashion.
Look below, and feel free to try out each to see which one fits you best.

Sunday 11am | Trinity Liturgical Service

Sunday  |  11am  |  Chapel

Trinity Congregation, founded in 2008, is an active faith community of expatriate Christians from around the world.  We meet weekly for a traditional service and communion.  We hope that everyone will be able to participate as much as they are able, and that the community will be nourishing for everyone involved.

We meet at 11AM in the chapel, except for a few holiday weekends and in the summer.

  • Sunday School for Grades K-6 and youth groups meet during worship, but sometimes we have family services when everyone is together.
  • Child care is provided for pre-school aged children during worship.
  • Coffee and Fellowship Hour immediately following worship

For a calendar and overview of services visit

There will not be any 11am | Trinity Liturgical Service on the following dates:

  • 2016 — October 2, December 25
  • 2017 — January 29, February 5, April 2, June 11-August 6

Sunday | 3pm

Sunday  |  3pm  |  Main Sanctuary

Our Sunday 3pm service is an intergenerational gathering where we encounter God through contemporary music, teaching, prayer.

*NurseryKids’, and Youth Programs available

Sunday | 5pm

Sunday  |  5pm  |  Main Sanctuary 

Our Sunday 5pm is a loud and outgoing gathering where we encounter God through contemporary music, teaching, and prayer.

*Nursery and Kids’ Programs are available. Youth in Middle School and High School are invited to sit in the youth section at the Sunday 5pm service.

The service timings might change during the holiday season, please check the home page for updates

Car parking is available in a nearby parking garage (enter from HongFeng Rd, between Cantina Agave and Big Bamboo Restaurants, look for the “P” sign for parking). Bikes and scooters may be parked inside the church gate.