Abundant Grace Youth exists to build youth leaders who will impact and reach their generation for Christ. Shanghai is a difficult place for youth to be committed to God and we provide a safe place where youth can come to know Jesus for themselves and build friendships and foundations to follow Him for the rest of their lives.



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Youth Sunday Gathering

A dynamic learning time for middle school students, under the guidance of the Student Ministries Pastor. Currently undertaking a three-year course to go through the entire Bible.

Meets during the Sunday service.

WayPoint | Small Groups

WayPoints are youth small groups for middle schoolers, which are gender and age specific, and happen in various homes around Pudong. WayPoints are led by trained adult volunteers, who teach youth God’s Word and encourage them to follow Jesus by applying His Word into their daily lives. Through these small groups, they are able to develop their relationship with God and one another. WayPoints are also where we develop the student leadership and the ministry teams of the youth group.

WayPoint Meetings (Note: evening, times and locations vary). Current groups are available for girls and boys in the 6th to 8th grades.

If you are interested and joining a WayPoint group, please send an email to

Gathering | Weekly High School Meeting

For high school, The Gathering takes place in The Hub on Friday evenings from 8-10pm and will be based off of Acts 2:42 where the early church met to eat, learn, pray, and fellowship.

For more information please contact