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Whether you’re in Shanghai for a brief visit or a long-term assignment, you’re welcome to join
Abundant Grace Men. Whether you’re curious about Christ or you’ve been along the journey with Him for a while, you’re welcome. You’ll meet some guys on this journey, have some laughs, and in the end may find you’ve acquired a few brothers along the way.

Abundant Grace Men’s Events

Weekly Bible Studies

Bible studies:

  • Thursdays, 8pm @ ZhangJiang (bi-weekly)
  • Saturdays, 7am @ JinQiao (Greencity Starbucks, weekly)


Most Sunday mornings, a group of AGIF men (along with friends, business colleagues or others) explore Shanghai on bikes.

We normally meet at corner of JinQiao and LongDong roads.
Contact Brad @ 159-2196-3560 to confirm.

Summer Program -- Not Home Alone!

For those men who will spend some or all of their summer in Shanghai, Abundant Grace Men also organizes a “Not Home Alone” program of summer activities — Go-Karting, paintball, bowing, archery, mountain biking, and more. We want the AGIF men, as well as guests and friends, to experience the joy that comes from “one another” time. You are officially invited!

For more information about following Christ or questions about any of our events mentioned above – or just to drop a quick ‘Hello’ and ask some questions about living and working in Shanghai, contact us at: