Christmas Celebration and Maker's Market 2016 Recap

Christmas Celebration and Maker’s Market 2016 Recap


This past Sunday we wrapped two events into one at Abundant Grace hosting our annual Christmas Celebration as well as our annual Maker’s Market.

The Christmas Celebration started as soon as you walked through the gates with Abundant Grace Youth Carolers singing Christmas Carols to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Within the service, we were honored to host Concordia’s Treble Choir, filled with some of the most talented young people imaginable. The Abundant Grace Children ministry debuted a Christmas choir performance with over 40 children involved in adorable choir robes. Pastor Nate gave an inspiring sermon on living life in the reality of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus’ arrival. As a finale, Elizabeth Bennett sang the classic “Silent Night” accompanied by our guest cello player, Rebecca Foggin. Then it was time to head outside to our next event…

Our 4th annual Maker’s Market was a great success. For the first time, we used the entire small chapel for the partner’s tables with the outside area designated for food tables and seating. With the extra space we were able to set up tents, which gave the event a more ‘Christmassy’ feel. We also welcomed the joining of 5 new partners: CCS, Nepal, Liberia, ARC, and WILL Foundation. Another exciting addition was the creative tables, where young and old could create their own Christmas decorations. 19 outreach projects/trips benefitted from this year’s market, which brought in a record income of over 82,470 RMB.

Thank you all who came to both of these events, it was our best year yet and the best is yet to come!