New to Shanghai

With expats from all around the world, living in Shanghai is more than an assignment, posting or job—it’s an experience.

Our hope at Abundant Grace is that you don’t just approach your move to Shanghai with a temporary outlook—but that you connect and thrive during your time here to the vibrant, international community that calls Shanghai home. Below are some resources and suggested materials to help get you started with your time here! Let the adventure begin!


Community Center Shanghai



Community Center Shanghai (CCS) connects international residents through social, educational and charitable programs to the people, culture and energy of China. The Center offers a variety of resources including cross-cultural orientation and training, professional counseling, adult education, charity programs and social connections for youth. If you’re new we especially recommend checking out their Shanghai 1-2-3, a free half-day orientation to all things Shanghai.

CCS Provides:

  • Support for persons during times of transition and crisis, connecting them to appropriate resources such as personal counseling, coaching and/or mentoring.
  • Activities, classes and social events for families, couples, and singles that encourage community building and personal growth and development.
  • Training for business leaders on corporate social responsibility and connections and opportunities for companies to invest in places of need.
  • Opportunities for persons to share their hobbies, experience and expertise with others.
  • Support groups that focus on the felt needs of individuals and families in Shanghai and that encourage personal and community development.
  • Weekend activities and community building events for adults, families and children.
  • Supportive activities and resources for couples and marriages.
  • Cross cultural training for business leaders and orientation and training for doing business in Shanghai

Smart Phone Apps


Explore Shanghai Metro: iTunes / Android
(Works offline; Routeplanner, GPS, Google Maps; English and Chinese included.) This app is excellent for finding your way around the city and knowing how long various subway routes will take.

Cost: Free


Shanghai Taxi Guide: iTunes
Find address, phone, hours and website info for thousands of restaurants,  services, companies etc in Shanghai. A big bold taxi card will help you tell a taxi driver exactly where you need to go.

Cost: $9.99

Wechat: iTunes / Android
This is the Chinese multi purpose social media platform that provides text, hold to talk broadcast messaging and video conferencing. It also provides payment services and a feature called “Moments” that is like FB/Instagram. FREE iOS & Android

Cost: Free

BON App: iTunes / Android
Find Best Local Restaurants in Shanghai with Bon App, reviews for all your favorite restaurants and discover the best local restaurants you haven’t visited yet! Make reservations! FREE iOS & Android

Cost: Free


air quality index

Air Quality China: iTunes / Android  &
China Air Quality Index: iTunes Android
Heard horror stories about the air quality outside? These two apps will help you to be in-the-know about the air you’re breathing at all times.

Cost: Free